Handmade Quilt
This quilt was made in collaboration with my Aunt (Susan Gordon), my Mother (Marjorie Veazey), and quilter Peggy McIntire. I designed it to fit within the canon of American folk quilts; similar basic patterns and conventions were used but with modern and personal stylistic decisions incorporated as well. I provided measurements and a printout of the design to my Aunt. She calculated the amount of fabric needed for the design, which we bought at a local fabric shop. My Aunt and Mother then cut and sewed the entire front and back of the quilt. The front of the quilt totaled in at 1,081 pieces. We allowed the back to be made with whatever scraps we had left, allowing for a loose free-form design that was in some ways a homage to the quilters of Gee’s Bend. Once the front and back were sewn, the quilt was delivered to Lawrenceville-based quilter Peggy McIntire who quilted the two sides together. The finishing touch was a small square on the back with the credits and date/location of comple